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Sep 11, 2015 by Cathy Carter

Varicose Vein surgery can be daunting, but when a person chooses Dr. Siragusa, there is no need to worry. My varicose veins are gone, and my legs look and feel great. Before surgery, standing for long periods of time was agony. That is now a thing of the past! Dr. Siragusa is a wonderful surgeon who is approachable and positive!

Severe Leg Pain

Jul 16, 2015 by Jim Richardson

I had extreme pain in my legs that reduced my ability to move around as much as I would like. I was only able to walk very short distances and then had to rest. Dr. Siragusa performed an outpatient procedure and I immediately could walk much longer distances without any pain. I'm sorry I put off addressing this issue as long as I did. I am very happy with the outcome and service I received from Dr. Siragusa and his staff.

Best Running Legs Ever

Mar 17, 2015 by Deborah Cantrell

Dr Siragusa and staff has just completed 6 vein procedures in 2 1/2 months time. My legs are amazing after a lifetime of ugly, sore varicose veins. As a runner of 7 years, they were really needing some attention. Knowing nothing about this process or these procedures, the doctor and staff walked me through every step and process with professionalism, confidence, and knowledge to make me feel secure in my choice of vein specialists. There is no downtime for recovery and very little discomfort from the procedures as Dr Siragusa has a very gentle touch while performing quick and efficient procedures. I am so grateful to him and the staff for providing me with such a wonderful outcome and a new pair of good looking and feeling running legs!

Met All Expectations

Mar 10, 2015 by Alan McMullin, Sr.

I couldn't walk a mile without getting cramps in my right leg. I went to Dr Siragusa and within a week he had me in outpatient surgery and a stent installed in my leg. Correct diagnosis, quick action, no complications. My father lost his leg because of the same issue. I am relieved that its been 5 years now since the procedure and I haven't had any issues. I don't have to sit around in the waiting room for appointments because they are always on time. Staff personnel are friendly and efficient. Great total experience.


Dec 29, 2014 by Katrina Behrendt

I am extremely impressed with Dr. Siragusa and his staff. They always are on time with the scheduled appointment times and I am out the door within an hour. When I went in for my original appointment my leg would throb and keep me up at night. After the procedure, I have more energy and the recovery was very quick. I would highly recommend Dr. Siragusa and staff!

He saved my life

Nov 04, 2014 by Tim Utzig

I am forever grateful for Dr. Siragusa's skills and bedside manner at a time of crisis. I was admitted through the ER for an extensive deep vein blood clot (that went up my thigh and into my abdomen) with surgery to be done the next day. In walked the doctor the hospital had scheduled for the surgery and immediately my wife and relaxed. His caring demeanor and honest understandable explanation of the situation let us know we were in good hands. His skills made the best of a life-threatening situation. Had we had time to investigate surgeons and pick one, we would have chosen Dr. Siragusa. Post-op, his professional staff was a pleasure to deal with too. Later, he removed the filter that was placed in my chest during surgery and that too was done with ease. His actions no doubt saved my life while his attitude kept my wife and I calm and confident of the outcome.

Oct 14, 2014 by Charles White

Dr. Siragusa is excellent! From the initial consultation throughout the procedures I was very comfortable with him, his staff and the entire process. Cannot say enough about the experience, it was great! Thank you very much!

Initial Sign Up

Oct 08, 2014 by Judith Nickel

Very impressed with Dr. Siragusa and his staff. I had 3 outpatient surgeries under difficult painful conditions. The attention paid to my comfort and care was wonderful. The results with the subsequent wound treatment has been slow but good. Without the vein surgery, I'm sure this wouldn't be the case. Once again, kudos to Dr. Siragusa's nursing staff. Great teamwork.

review of dr. siragusa

Jul 16, 2014 by david shea

this amazing doctor siragusa is a amazing quick painless surgeon..i have venus reflux disease with varicose right leg,,,he operated on me on june 15th 2014 and completed the surgery in 7.34 was amazing...he is very pain what so ever before during or after leg looks great...feels great....awesome recovery in no much as I admire dr, siragusa I was quite surprised tofind out today my venus reflux disease isn't over...but maybe I didn't pay good attention earlier...silly me...and why couldn't they find the pics of my leg was shocking 1st time ever the doctor couldn't find my he finds them by January and other than that this man is a outstanding doctor I highly recommened to anyone with vein issues...his staff is outstanding too....

Excellent Services

Jun 27, 2014 by Nilda Villar

I am so pleased with the treatment and services I have received at Dr. Siragusa's office. After my treatment, my leg felt so good -- no pain whatsoever. Dr. Siragusa was so pleasant and easy to talk with. His staff was entire staff were wonderful. I will recommend Dr. Siragusa to everyone.

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